Organic Oat Fibre - 400g

Organic Oat Fibre - 400g

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Increase your fibre intake without adding calories or carbs by including Keto Eats Organic Oat Fibre into your daily diet. This highly absorbent fibre can be used in baking, as a thickener, as a wheat replacement or can simply be added to drinks and smoothies.

Oat fibre is not the same as oat flour! Oat fibre is an almost complete insoluble fibre derived from the husk of the oat or the outermost protective seed-coat of the oat kernel. It contains zero carbs and zero calories.

Ingredients:  Organic Oat Fibre

Customer Reviews

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This oat fibre is finer than any other brand I’ve tried! For a product that’s essentially edible sawdust :) they’ve done a great job. Almost tasteless which I definitely can’t say for others, and adds volume & fibre to baking for no extra calories or carbs. Super hard to find oat fibre right now in Australia but this is a great product superior to other brands, and one I’ll be repurchasing for sure.

Excellent Product

An excellent keto alternative to wheat flour. Teams well with coconut flour, almond flour, and Lupin flour. Great substitute to the usual thickeners for soups and stews, and a valuable addition to keto lifestyle.

Sally Anderson
Excellent Plain Flour Substitute!

A perfect Calorie/Carbohydrate AND Gluten-free alternative to wheat flour. Behaves like plain flour when baking, and also good combined with almond flour.
Relatively expensive to purchase but a valuable substitute, so well worth the cost.

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