All Things Fruit Electrolyte Drink Mix - 30 Sticks

All Things Fruit Electrolyte Drink Mix - 30 Sticks

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SALTT All Things Fruit Electrolyte Drink Mix

The All Things Fruit Variety Pack contains 30 total servings:

  • Citrus Splash 5x
  • Booyah Berry 5x
  • Endless Summer 5x
  • Mondo Melon 5x
  • Stoked Mango 5x
  • Zesty Orange 5x



SALTT saw most so-called "electrolyte drinks" were:

  • Crammed with damaging sugar or other junk like dyes, maltodextrin, or fillers
  • Skimping on electrolytes (usually 5% or less of what you need)

And those who weren't, were:

  • Only focused on sodium - missing out on a myriad of benefits we wanted, while creating possible health issues.
  • Using unproven ingredients - like "himalayan pink salt" which besides it's known humanitarian issues does not have scientific backing for most claims made about it, and in fact has been shown to have serious concerns.

How many packets should I use in a day?

Start with one, and see how you feel! If you’re especially active, or if it’s particularly hot outside, you’re likely to benefit from an additional serving or two.

Why do I need electrolytes if I’m not an athlete?

Recent research is showing that we need far more electrolytes than we’ve been told. And the benefits of balanced electrolytes are not limited just to extreme sports enthusiasts and marathon runners. The growing list of those benefits includes improved mood, energy, mental clarity, muscle health (especially relief from muscle cramps!), and more.



Supplement Facts:

Serv. Size: 1 Stick, Amount Per Serving: Calories 3, Total Carb. <1g (0% DV), Fiber 1g (2% DV), Sugars 0g†, Calcium 9mg (1% DV), Magnesium 178mg (42% DV), Sodium 969mg (42% DV*), Potassium 415mg (9% DV), Sulfate 162mg†. *Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. †Daily values not established.


SolarSea® Salts AC (Contains Sodium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride), Malic Acid, Acacia Gum, Natural Flavors, Potassium Chloride, Stevia Leaf Extract

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