Hearts Of Palm

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    Looking to buy keto friendly hearts of palm pasta, rice or noodles online? You're in the right place!

    Love Low Carb stocks a range of hearts of palm products from companies like Palmini and Eskal Deli.

    What are Hearts of Palm?
    Hearts of Palm are the "heart" or central core of a special  genus of palm tree native to South and Central America.
    What type of hearts of palm products do you sell?
    We stock two main types of hearts of palm products; 1) raw, these are just hearts of palm cut into cylinders or sliced into rings and packed in water or brine. 2) Packed products where the hearts of palm has been made into ready made pasta, noodles or rice. 
    What does Hearts of Palm taste like?
    They have a delicate flavour similar to artichokes
    Are Hearts of Palm keto friendly?
    Most definitely!
    How do you cook hearts of palm products?
    Raw hearts of palm can be used straight up in salads, but they can also be braised, fried, or boiled.
    Why buy Hearts Of Palm from Love Low Carb?
    We stock the best range of hearts of palm products in Australia, plus we deliver for only $10, or free if you spend over $120.
    14 products