Sweet Guts Variety Pack

Sweet Guts Variety Pack

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Check out  the Sweet Guts Chocolate range with this variety 3 pack containing one each of the following ..

  1. Sweet Guts Salted Caramel
  2. Sweet Guts Chocolate
  3. Sweet Guts Coconut


Please note: Although wrapped insulated foil, this chocolate may melt on it's way to you. No biggie though. Just put it in fridge or freezer to firm up. No refunds / replacements if melted.



Sugar? No thanks! Sweet GutsTM Chocolate is made with no sugar added and no sugar alcohols. The sweetness comes from chicory root, a vegetable that is high in beneficial fibre for your gut bugs to thrive, plus a touch of monk fruit.

Healthy gut bacteria needs fibre! Chicory Root Fibre (prebiotic), Inulin Plant Based Fibre (prebiotic) and Cassava flour turn this chocolate bar into a superfood that is devoured by your healthy gut bugs (rather than stored on your body).

No dairy, no care-y. You won’t even miss it in this super creamy bar of goodness! We use coconut milk and plenty of cacao butter to deliver all the taste, minus the inflammation.

Sweet GutsTM Chocolate scores a 10/10 for your gut, free from ALL things it doesn’t like! NO dairy, gluten, added sugar or sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.


Finally a chocolate that is SERIOUSLY good for you and your gut! There are plenty of brands promoting “healthy” versions of chocolate out there. But, are they really? The biggest players in this space might use organic sugars, sugar alternatives or sugar alcohols (sometimes all 3 in one block) and promote this aspect to make it look like they are healthier than Cadbury but honestly … there isn’t much difference.


How much CAN I consume?
With no sugar and more fibre than the average serve of broccoli you don’t need anyone bringing you down with serving sizes.. Eat a row, eat a block if you feel the urge but you probably won't do that more than once. Why? Because it’s the sugar in regular chocolate that keeps you binging and addicted and Sweet Guts™ doesn’t have any of that! Sweet Guts™ will curb your sweet craving stat and you will find you won’t want to eat as much Sweet Guts™ as you do other chocolate. A win on so many levels.

How much SHOULD I consume?
This is chocolate you actually SHOULD consume daily - no sugar, no bad stuff and packed full of prebiotic fibre that you need for your gut bugs (and you) to thrive! A couple of squares, a row or three - listen to your body and go with what is right for you.. guilt free!

My kids are addicted to sugar - could I replace their regular chocolate with Sweet Guts™ ?
YES absolutely! Sweet Guts™ contains no sugar, no nasty sugar alcohols (which can wreck little - and big - people's gut), no dairy or any other nasties. Sweet Guts™ is a delicious and healthy treat you can give to your kids and feel good about it. Not only will you be actually improving their gut and avoiding insulin spikes and sugar crashes, but you will be helping them kick their sugar addiction. Over a short time, they will crave sugar and sweets less.

Will Sweet Guts™ give me diarrhoea?
Nope - no disaster pants we promise! If you have experienced diarrhoea or stomach distress after eating other chocolate brands it would likely have been due to sugar alcohols like xylitol, maltitol etc. These are commonly used as sugar alternatives, especially in low carb or keto treats, to keep sugar content low. While the sugar content might be lower, the impact on your gut can be high so if gut health is a priority for you ( and it should be ) these are a no-no. Another common culprit is dairy (milk powders, skim milk powders, milk solids, cream etc) - which you also won't find in Sweet Guts™.

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