Coconut Amino Sauce Organic

Coconut Amino Sauce Organic-Dressing & Marinade-Love Low Carb
Coconut Amino Sauce Organic-Dressing & Marinade-Love Low Carb

Coconut Amino Sauce Organic

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At Jimalie we love flavour, but not at the expense of our health. That’s why our Organic Coconut Amino Sauce contains all natural ingredients with no added sugar or enhancers. Rich in amino acids found naturally in coconut nectar, Organic Coconut Amino Sauce enhances the flavour of savoury dishes with its distinctive umami-seasoning. Add to stir fries, marinades or enjoy on its own as a tasty dipping sauce.



Staying Healthy with Coconut Amino Sauce

Amino what?! If you’ve heard of coconut amino sauce just now, don’t worry. Your bewilderment is understandable and hopefully diminished by the end of this post. Coconut amino sauce is just one of the many healthy food alternatives in the market and with all the benefits that come with it, this little gem deserves a spot on your list. Before we go into the details of Coconut Amino Sauce, let us first determine what amino acids are and why they’re important.

What are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks of our body that make up protein linked through peptide bonds, which is essential in ensuring that our body functions properly. Although our body can reproduce amino acids, you need essential amino acids from food and supplements that your body can not make. Amino acids are responsible for muscle development and immune strength. Apart from that, these little gems are also known to be key players in developing one’s central nervous system.

Coconut Amino Sauce: What is it?

Coconut amino sauce is made from aged sap of coconut blossoms blended with sea salt. It’s a rich, dark, slightly salty but more of a sweet sauce that resembles tamari or soy sauce. It is often used as an alternative to soy and gluten-based sauces. Apart from having 65% less sodium, coconut amino sauce also contains 17 amino acids.

Health Benefits of Coconut Amino Sauce

As mentioned above, coconut amino sauce is packed with 17 amino acids as well as vitamin B, C and minerals. Here are just some of its benefits to help your body while you enjoy its delicious taste:

  1. Regulate cholesterol and keep the heart protected. Because coconut amino sauce is made from coconut, you benefit from the health benefits of coconut including increasing HDL cholesterol in the body. This leads to a healthier heart and regulated blood pressure levels.

  2. Lessen the risk of diabetes. According to a study, diets high in soybean products have higher risk of diabetes and other metabolic-related issues. This is lessened when you substitute processed soybean products with coconut amino sauce.

  3. Strengthen the immune system. Coconut-based products like coconut amino sauce are high in anti-oxidants which fights the effects of free radicals in the body. By increasing the anti-oxidants in the body, your body can defend itself against diseases and illness.

How to Use Coconut Amino Sauce

Coconut amino sauce can be used the same way as you would use tamari or soy sauce. Amino sauce can be used as salad dressings, marinades or dipping sauce. It can also be used as flavouring for stews, stir-fries and soups. Coconut amino sauce may not be as salty as soy sauce but its rich, sweet-savoury flavor makes up for it and creates a distinct taste unlike any other. If you haven’t tried it, see and taste what the fuss is all about. Shop online today at Love Low Carb.



Organic coconut vinegar, organic coconut nectar, organic natural sea salt, organic black pepper, organic garlic and organic onion. 


Made in the Philippines packed in Australia. Australian Certified Organic.

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